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Digital Collage, Architectural Models

Wet cobblestones and row upon row of masonry warehouse set the stage for this photo shoot in SOHO, New York CIty. Taking out my canon 8-15 mm fisheye lens out for a spin, see below my two favorite captures from the trip.

Digital Collage created from a collection of personal architectural photographs taken on trips to the United States and Eastern Europe, as well as from a collection of studio shots featuring student models from George Brown College. Prints made their debut at the Kensington Market Art fair, in Toronto, November 2014. 

Studio Photoshoot, George Brown

Included in the continuing education digital photography curriculum at George Brown College are a series of self-guided studio shoots, facilitated and supported by George Brown instructors. Find below a collection of the best portrait photos from those sessions, as well a few from independent shoots.

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