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Cover Art for Indie Musician Vivienne Wilder

Graphic design, artist profile portraiture and cover art for Toronto indie musician Vivienne Wilder.  The photoshoot took place in Corctown, at the border between the newly constructed residential community and Corktown Common Park, and the large swaths of industrial and rail lands sitting fallow on the eastern edge of downtown Toronto.

In the artist's own words:

Vivienne Wilder is a woman who was previously victimized and deeply hurt from heartbreak and betrayal, but has overcome this and become stronger, centered, and observant. Despite the giant chip on her shoulder, she is still a a hopeless romantic. She is a lone wolf, always has been, always will be. She is drawn to the downtroden and misunderstood, the ugly and overlooked. Vivienne wants to see the beauty in the broken glass and she wants to rescue it and give it a good, loving home.

Vivienne spent a long time in the South. Bright colours, exuberant personalities, intense experiences, heat. She wanted to be there because she thought that the South could “fix” her, cure her darkness, melt her aloof and frigid nature. She thought that by proximity she could become Southern. She was addicted.

Betrayals, both by intimates and by her self, ultimately kept her in the North. She has grieved the idea of the South and she has despised the North. Yet in the North she has had to face her demons. She realized that her fixation with leaving was entwined with a sense of panic towards facing personal history; the belief that she oughtn’t stay somewhere too long or else there will be consequences and complications. Leave now so you don’t feel the reverberations of your past actions. Don’t get too close to anyone. Or else, the cold months will make you think about what you have done.
— Vivienne Wilder

Toronto's east end provides a unique environment, vistas of urban intensity juxtaposed by a swath urban industrial decay, tracing a by-gone era which evokes feelings of melancholy and emptiness. An environment found fitting for the setting of a story, my cover art and artist profile photography sought to illustrate a musician's experience through a lens of visual art.