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Monday Morning in Kensington Market

Originally published for the Friends of Kensington Market community association.

Morning coffee in Kensington Market. 

As the fuzzy sunshine melts away my hangover and the last vestiges of Pedestrian Sundays are either swept up or power-washed away, it gradually becomes apparent that a different kind of life takes place in the market on a weekday morning.

Delivery truck in Kensington Market.

A rolling stream of vans and trucks flows slowly through the narrow streets, while the staff unceremoniously go to work. Not young, not hip, not hipster, these are the men and women who make Kensington what it is, the 5% of that Sunday crowd who go to bed and wake up here, the underbelly of the daily show that is Kensington Market. 

Not young, not hip, not hipster. 

Fresh fruits and veggies pile up on Delivery Truck Mondays in Kensington Market. 

Bike courier vs delivery truck in Kensington Market, Toronto. 

All is quiet in the market.

Meanwhile the streets are quiet.  The crowds, which a few hours prior filled them to the brim with booze and laughter, now safely tucked away in cubicles a few blocks over, scanning the azure horizons of lake Ontario from the 47th story glazed blue corner office window. Or something of that nature. 

Whereas for me, this it, my last and final day in Kensington, having fulfilled a long-standing wish to someday live here. That someday was today, and soon it will be yesterday. I'm happy and grateful for such a lovely experience. Onward.