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The Every Body Bootcamp

Fighting through another round of shots at a tequila soaked bar crawl in North York when a conversation on gallery commissions gets me halfway to thinking I might just need another bottle of antidepressants. 
Or 10.

Fresh air.  I meet Derek.  He's a bouncer who suggests a way to expel some toxins.  I smirk while the tequila swirls.

Low voltage pinging in my temples as the morning haze begins to lift.  Eglinton East, top of the hill. 9:42 with plenty of time to spare.  I wade through a never-ending orange-coned ramshackle mess to descend along the tree-lined paths of Leaside.

This being my first bootcamp and not knowing fully what to expect, I skip the non-mandatory but totally suggested pay-it-forward donation to the Daily Bread Foodbank, and instead sit for a chat with bootcamp coordinator and personal trainer Kyle Sharp during the post-training social, which I find out has become a bit of a tradition for this group.

Kyle, a professional boxer by training, runs and owns SHARP Fitness, a performance-oriented fitness & sports-rehabilitation practice. Located steps away from Charlotte Maher park, SHARP Fitness serves as the gathering place for the after bootcamp social.

The Every Body Bootcamp is our way of giving back to the community, and it’s a way for our community to directly give back to those in need – This is where the “pay-it-forward” Bootcamp comes into play. Everyone is deserving of living a happy, healthy lifestyle. I believe this starts with building community and connecting with likeminded individuals not only looking to better themselves, but to be a part of a movement that helps so many others in the process.
This is the way we like to spend our Sunday mornings. Habit and consistency are the keys to success, and our Sunday bootcamps are a big part of ALL of our continued success. It’s more than just a workout – We support and encourage each other. We hold one another accountable. We really have become a “fit-family” and we want to welcome every-body, to join us in this amazing co-creation.
What we are doing really works because every person who comes out to the Every Body Bootcamp simply focuses on their personal best every week. It’s not a competition or race. It’s not about working out until we want to puke – It’s about creating habits and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Indeed, the bootcamp circuit consists of 12 exercise stations of medium intensity, all focused on everyday movements and functional strength. The Everybody bootcamp is literally for everybody and everyone participates, children and adults, women and men.

By the time we're through, everyone is flushed and the mood has lifted, a healthy substitute for morning coffee which comes with healthy snacks and hanging out with welcoming strangers. We chat about health and wellness, share personal stories and make plans to meet again; a pleasant conclusion to a pleasant morning, a perfect cure for a lingering hangover, and many reasons to come back next Sunday. 

The Every Body Bootcamp is a 3-part series focused on health and wellness which takes place every Sunday morning starting at 8.


Leaside Roadrunners
An all level running group that meets at the SHARP Fitness studio for a warm-up at 8 AM.


Breaking Barriers
A weekly get-together at the SHARP Fitness studio focusing on feedback, support and motivation, starts at 9 AM.


Functional Strength
A fun multi-level all-ages group work-out at Charlotte Maher Park, meeting at 10 AM.


Post-Workout Social
Refuel after the workout with some complimentary drinks and snacks at the SHARP Fitness studio at 11 AM.

Earthcam Installation

Once again on photographic assignment with Liquid String, this time to perform technical documentation and photography for social media.


The subject, a high definition EarthCam installed to survey a residential condominium construction site in High Park, Toronto. Ultimately, the EarthCam is anticipated to record 2 years' worth of construction, producing a high-definition time-lapse of the entire process, from start to finish.

Beachest studio shoot with Darren Kane
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I had been intending to do a high gloss studio shoot for quite some time when I met Toronto stylist Darren Kane at a post-show party subsequent to the fall Art Toronto exhibit at the Metro Toronto Convention center.

A natural camera darling and beaming with masculine beauty, Darren proved to be wonderful talent to work with for this studio photoshoot.

Shot in Toronto's east-end neighborhood, the Beaches. [Beaches Studio]

Featuring HIM Toronto models @night.danger and


Troy Smith's post-industrial rebar furniture designs

A hot summer day among the lush foliage of Chorley Park in Rosedale Toronto.  A pick-up truck rolls in, stacked to the top with hundreds of pounds of highly polished, vibrantly colored, rebar steel furniture. The next few hours have us trekking through the city, fighting mid-day traffic, from mid-town to Cityplace, to Corktown in the east end. The end result, a catalogue shoot displaying the pieces in settings most appropriate to their source of inspiration, the newly developing high-rise, glass steel and concrete portions of the central city.

Portrait I took while visiting their Rosedale residence. Study.

Portrait I took while visiting their Rosedale residence. Study.

Azure Feature description

Azure Feature description

I met Toronto interior and furniture designer Troy Smith through a mutual acquaintance, a man who was my mentor at the time and who back my first few ventures in the art world. The fruits of our efforts from that day hopefully served to boost the profile of an emerging Toronto artist, his work receiving first mention in the Azure Dispatch from the Interior Design Show.

Behind the scenes with Content for Social

Braving steely temperatures in late October, we join Content for Social for a lifestyle photoshoot at Cityplace in Toronto to promote the newly minted Rejoice Shoes, specializing in fine italian leather imports.

Toronto Urban Photography Festival

As a contender and second place winner of the 2013 edition of the Toronto Urban Photography Festival, ( I had the privilege of participating in my first gallery exhibit, displaying fine art urban photography pieces to interested art buyers and fine art aficionados.


In their own words

The first festival ran from March 9-23, 2013 and had work in 7 galleries, 6 urban talks, 5 workshops, and 5 photo walks. There were collaborations with Crossing Lines (UK), Humans of Toronto, Toronto Photo Walks, and Lomography Canada, and our original projects—The Disposable Camera Project (which became its own entity), and the TO Neighbourhoods Project. Our call for works had over 45 entries from all over the world including the UK, Germany, Unites States, Italy, and Canada.

Below, you will find a selection of the original pieces submitted for competition, as well as additional theme-related digital photographs taken in subsequent years. 

Monday Morning in Kensington Market

Originally published for the Friends of Kensington Market community association.

Morning coffee in Kensington Market. 

As the fuzzy sunshine melts away my hangover and the last vestiges of Pedestrian Sundays are either swept up or power-washed away, it gradually becomes apparent that a different kind of life takes place in the market on a weekday morning.

Delivery truck in Kensington Market.

A rolling stream of vans and trucks flows slowly through the narrow streets, while the staff unceremoniously go to work. Not young, not hip, not hipster, these are the men and women who make Kensington what it is, the 5% of that Sunday crowd who go to bed and wake up here, the underbelly of the daily show that is Kensington Market. 

Not young, not hip, not hipster. 

Fresh fruits and veggies pile up on Delivery Truck Mondays in Kensington Market. 

Bike courier vs delivery truck in Kensington Market, Toronto. 

All is quiet in the market.

Meanwhile the streets are quiet.  The crowds, which a few hours prior filled them to the brim with booze and laughter, now safely tucked away in cubicles a few blocks over, scanning the azure horizons of lake Ontario from the 47th story glazed blue corner office window. Or something of that nature. 

Whereas for me, this it, my last and final day in Kensington, having fulfilled a long-standing wish to someday live here. That someday was today, and soon it will be yesterday. I'm happy and grateful for such a lovely experience. Onward.